Jaspersoft Product Version END-OF-LIFE Schedule

Jaspersoft product versions have a "two years after a subsequent release" rule for their support life. The subsequent release applies for major release version only and not include service release in minor versions. Therefore, technical support requests are accepted on any non-ETL Jaspersoft release for two years after a subsequent release occurs. Please refer to the following community article for detail:


Based on the aforementioned rule, the current product versions END-OF-LIFE schedule is as the following:

Version End-Of-Life
6.0.x 5/28/2017
6.1.x 11/19/2017
6.2.x 6/28/2018
6.3.x 6/28/2019
6.4.x 5/8/2020
7.1.x 5/30/2021
7.2.x 12/19/2021
7.3.x 01/31/2022
7.5.x 8/21/2022
7.8.x 12/7/2022
7.9.x 11/18/2023
8.0.x TBD

For more info on End of Life for all Tibco products, see http://supportinfo.tibco.com/docs/TIBCOEndofSupportInformation.pdf