Jaspersoft Exporting Reference

Exporting can have several meanings in relation to Jspersoft Products.

Exporting the Output of a Report

You can export the output of a report in many formats: PDF, XLS, ODS, DOCX, etc, from your Browser's presentation of the JapserReports Server's UI, from iReport Designer or from Jaspersoft Studio.

General - (JasperReports Library)

iReport Designer

Jaspersoft Studio

JasperReports Server

Uploading Reports to JasperReports Server

You can also upload and download report specification files (jrxml) using iReport Designer and Jaspersoft Studio, from the JasperReports Server.

Importing and Exporting Objects to and from the JasperReports Server Repository

As a Superuser, you can export and import objects from the JasperReports Server Repository using the Server's UI or by logging into the server and using the traditional scripts, js-import and js-export.

The JasperReports Server Administrator Guide, Chapter 6 (v5.1) , describes the new UI interface for importing and exporting resources. Look in our Docs Section for other versions of this document.