Jaspersoft Domains and Topics Reference


A Domain is a virtual view of a data source that presents the data in business terms, allows for localization, and provides data-level security.

  • A Domain is not a view of the database in relational terms, but it implements the same functionality within JasperReports Server
  • The design of a Domain specifies tables in the database, derived tables, join clauses, calculated fields, display names, and default properties, all of which define items and sets of items for creating topics and reports

 A Domain is a metadata layer that provides a business view of the data accessed through a data source. A Domain presents the data in business terms appropriate to your audience, and can limit the access to data based on the security permissions of the person running the report. A Domain defined in JasperReports Server can be used to create reports, Ad Hoc views, and Domain Topics.


A Topic is a predefined set of fields, filters, and input controls defined by a particular query against a data source or domain, input controls, and a data source or domain that can be used to create Ad Hoc Reports.

  • Topics are created by business analysts to specify a data source and a list of fields with which business users can easily create reports in the Ad Hoc Editor without having to define the data relationships
  • The topic is a helper component where once the report has been created, it does not directly rely on the topic; meaning changes to Topics will not impact existing reports

A topic can be thought of as all the components of a Report except for the Layout specification.