Jaspersoft Cassandra iReport

Jaspersoft Cassandra Connector in iReport

iReport does not ship with the Cassandra connector. You need to first install iReport and then install the connector.


  1. Download the Cassandra connector. This includes the plugin (CassandraPlugin-xxx.nbm).
  2. In iReport choose the menu Tools → Plugins.
    1. On the tab 'Downloaded' browse to the .nbm file then click 'Install'.
    2. Restart iReport and the connector will complete its installation.

Define a Connection

  1. Click the button "Report Datasources" to define a new connection to Cassandra.

  2. Add a new datasource of type "Cassandra Connection"

  3. Set an appropriate url and test the connection

Create a Report

The simplest way for a new user to create a new report is with the Report Wizard.

  1. Choose any template and click "Launch Report Wizard".
  2. Set the report name and location.
  3. Create a CQL query to retrieve data.
    1. There is no visual query editor, so the button "Design query" is inactive.
    2. The Jaspersoft query language for Cassandra is documented here: CQL reference


Unable to find and download the Cassandra Connector.

I tried downloading the connector from https://community.jaspersoft.com/project/cassandra-connector/releases but seems like the page has a hRef because of which it gets refreshed and no download takes place.

Can i please get a vali link to download Cassandra jdbc connector to connetc with Ireports 5.6.0

as sandy rajath on august 19 2020...

the page cassandra-connector/releases don't give access to download.

Cassandra connector was pulled due to a licensing issue.