JasperReports Server Samples

The following Samples are/were located in the JasperReports Server {js_install}/samples directory. Jaspersoft is planning on moving these files out of the distribution and locating them here on the community web. Some, if they're complete enough, may very well wind up in the Extension Exchange. Other's may be obsolete and will be removed.

Sample Name Download References Resources
Ad Hoc adhoc_sample.jrxml  
Charts & Themes simple.jrctx    
Custom Ad Hoc CustomAdHoc Custom Ad Hoc Launcher Sample Install
Custom Data Sources CustomDataSource Custom Data Source Sample CE ReadMe
Domains xsd DomainsXsd  
Extra - Configs ExtraConfigs    
Extra - Java Settings ExtraJavaSettings  


Java Webapp JavaWebapp
Jaspersoft Support -​ JasperReports Ultimate Guide v3.​7 -​ Pages 287, 290
JasperReports Server Web Services Guide v4.​7 -​ Page 75
Java Webapp CE Sample Readme
Java Webapp PRO Sample Readme
C Client - SOAP JS-C-Client   JasperReports Server C Webservices Sample Client
Php Client The PHP client Extension Releases The PHP Client Extension Resources
Reports SampleReports
Resource Bundles ResourceBundles  
Schemas SchemaSamples    

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