JasperReports Server Heartbeat

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The JasperReports Server Heartbeat helps Jaspersoft create better products by improving our understanding of customer installation environments. When the heartbeat is enabled, the following information will be sent to Jaspersoft via an HTTPS call when the serter starts up:

  • Operating System type and version
  • JVM type and version
  • Application Server type and version
  • Database type and version
  • JasperReports Server type and version
  • Data source types
  • Unique, anonymous identifier value

Enable/Disable the heartbeat

With a newly installed JasperReports Server, you will be asked whether to opt-in to the JasperReports Server Heartbeat or not.
To opt-in, click OK. To opt-out, click the check box to remove the check and click OK.
You can also manually enable or disable the heartbeat by modifying the jasperserver-pro/WEB-INF/applicationContext-logging.xml file. To disable, set the enabled property to false like below:

<property name="enabled" value="false" />

For additional information on enabling and disabling the heartbeat component refer to the JasperReports Server Administrator Guide.

For more information on the JasperReports Server Heartbeat Program click here.