JasperReports® Library v6 Requirements

JasperReports® Library v6 Requirements

JasperReports Library 6.x.x has reached its end-of-life and this article is now obsolete.

This table contains all the libraries that JasperReports may require, depending on the functionality required by JasperReports's parent application.


  • Java Runtime Environment 6.0 or higher




  • JDBC 2.0 Driver 






Trying to set up my java environment has been a headacke. There is no up to date documentation, no tutorials, no guidelines, nothing. Most of the third party libraries are deprecated. At this point im not sure if jasper reports are worth it. I would rather create my own javascript library from scratch than trying to se this. Its incredible that in 2020 a "serious" company doesnt have a basic docmentation or giudelines on how to use their software. No wonder why some companies go out of bussines.

It has been a struggle to find up to date information on the needed jars for the software (jaspersoft studio) to work properly, can anyone

provide a link or something to a more recent version of this:


Hi ntojacamilla,

Did you find the updated jars? can you share it?


Es completamente tedioso no poder encontrar de forma fácil las dependencias para implementar en Java. Parece que este software se está dejando de actualizar

I've changed the title and first header to reflect the stated versioning of this content.  It has always carried a 'v6' version tag.

Folks, understand that our Community wiki will contain posts that pertain to many past versions.   The Wiki is not the Documentation set.

The latest version of the JasperReports Library, as of this writing, is version 6.13.  So, on the face of it, this article should apply to all v6.x versions.

You could Ask a Question about this, or log an Issue in the Issue Tracker.

Hi guys,

I'm try do open my report (created in jaspersoft studio 6.14) in my java application jdk11 being developed in the Apache Netbeans but its hard to find the correct libraries to visualize the report troguh Netbenas.

Can anyono hel me?