JasperReports IO - Step 4

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Embedding reports & visualizations into apps

Software builders are increasingly embedding reports and data visualizations directly into applications to drive better user experiences. There are many methods to embedding and not all are created equal.

To enable embedding that gives developers both power and control, JasperReports IO ships with technology from Jaspersoft's award-winning JavaScript API, Visualize.js. This technology makes it possible to natively integrate reports and visualizations into applications using only a few lines of JavaScript. 


Follow these 4 steps to get started with JasperReports IO:


   Getting started 
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Getting started tutorials


How to achieve seamless integration of reports & visualizations in your apps

This tutorial examines embedding with JasperReports IO from several angles, starting with an overview and definition of embedded data visualizations, how embedding with JasperReports IO compares to alternative approaches, how to use JasperReports IO APIs to embed visualizations seamlessly into your application, and methods for controlling access to JasperReports IO in your app.


Integrating embedded data with your security infrastructure

When embedding reports and data visualizations into applications, security is almost always a critical consideration. As a specialized service, JasperReports IO does not handle security. This tutorial provides a helpful overview of how to manage security with JasperReports IO and demonstrates this through an actual demo application.