JasperReports IO - Step 2

Develop reports & visualizations

Before using JasperReports IO, you need to develop a report or visualization to generate. Jaspersoft Studio is a desktop designer that gives you complete control over the look, feel, and behavior of your report or visualization. Jaspersoft 7.2 is equipped with features specifically designed for JasperReports IO. 

In Step 2, we'll show you how to get started using Jaspersoft Studio, and introduce you to the JasperReports IO features inside of it, and how to use them. 


Follow these 4 steps to get started with JasperReports IO:


   Getting Started 
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required resources


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Getting started tutorials


Develop your first report in Jaspersoft Studio (already familiar with Jaspersoft Studio? Skip to next section)

This tutorial provides a tour of Jaspersoft Studio — a powerful desktop designer used to develop reports and data visualizations—and demonstrates the process of creating your first report using the tool.


... Or create an interactive data visualization in Jaspersoft Studio


Learn more Jaspersoft Studio fundamentals in the following videos:


Learn the basics of how JasperReports IO and Jaspersoft Studio work together

This video introduces the fundamental concepts of setting up a Jaspersoft Studio project to leverage the JasperReports IO service.


Get step-by-step instructions on how to set up your first JasperReports IO project in JSS

This tutorial takes concepts from the video above and demonstrates how to actually implement them in Jaspersoft Studio, including creating and configuring a JasperReports project in Jaspersoft Studio. 


Creating and organizing a repository in Jaspersoft Studio

This tutorial demonstrates how to create and organize a repository in Jaspersoft Studio for a JasperReports IO project. Repositories in Jaspersoft Studio are used to store all the files and assets used in your reports and visualizations. Examples of repository assets include fonts, images, style templates, resource bundles, and more.


Creating connections to data with data adapters in Jaspersoft Studio

This tutorial demonstrates how to create and configure data adapters in Jaspersoft Studio for a JasperReports IO project. Data adapters are links that connect your report or visualization to your data source(s). When a report or visualization is run, data adapters fetch data from your data source(s) to fill it.



Ready for Step 3? Click here to learn how to generate the reports and visualizations you've developed.