JasperReports IO - Step 1

JasperReports IO in Action

Visit the JasperReports IO documentation and live demonstration web site. 

It has the same samples and documentation that are included in the JasperReports IO distribution.






Implementing JasperReports IO: 4 steps


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Required stuff (you're gonna need this)


1. Download JasperReports IO free trial or launch JasperReports IO for AWS

Download JasperReports IO free trialLaunch JasperReports IO for AWS


2. Download Jaspersoft Studio (desktop design tool)

Download Jaspersoft Studio
(to use with JasperReports IO free trial)
Download Jaspersoft Studio
(to use with JasperReports IO for AWS)



Check out the goods


1. Watch the video below to get an overview of JasperReports IO


2. Start the JasperReports IO service.

Locate the README.txt file in the root folder of the JasperReports IO archive. Follow the installation instructions to launch using one of the start scripts. (your root folder should look something similar to the image below)


3. Launch the JasperReports IO Demo App.

Once you’ve successfully started the JasperReports IO service, open your browser and go to the following URL: http://localhost:8080

This should open a very helpful documentation site that includes live samples, API reference guides, and more to familiarize you with the service and how to use it. This is perhaps the most valuable resource in getting you started successfully.


4. Explore the Report Gallery.

Browse through a series of sample reports and data visualizations that are available through the REST API exposed by JasperReports IO. Note that all of the reports and data visualizations were created using Jaspersoft Studio, which is an advanced visual designer.

Report gallery in JasperReports IO Demo App


Sample report exported to PDF


4. Stop the JasperReports IO service

Once you’ve finished exploring the JasperReports IO demo app, revisit the README.txt file in your JasperReports IO root folder to learn how to stop the JasperReports IO (see bottom section of Installation Notes).



Ready for Step 2? Click here to start developing reports and visualizations.