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Getting Started

These tutorials explain the basics notions to understand how iReport Designer works. They are highly recommended, especially to new users.

What's iReport Designer
An introduction to the iReport Designer user interface

Designing a report
Create your first report in a few seconds

Exporting reports
How to compile and export reports

Deploying reports
How to execute a report in your Java application


A collection of tutorials that will help you get more out of in iReport Designer

Creating a chart
Simple tutorial about how to create a chart

Using report parameters
Simple tutorial about using report parameters

Using report variables
Simple tutorial about using report variables

Creating a custom template
This tutorial explains how to create a report to be used as a template for new files

All you need to know about the subreports

Creating expressions using Groovy
How to simplify expressions using Groovy instead of Java

XML datasources
This tutorial explains how to use XML and XPath to create a report using an XML file as data source

How to show an RSS feed
Simple tutorial about using XPath2 query language to use a remote XML file as data source

Community Contributions

If you made a cool report with iReport Designer, show the world how you did it.

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Professional Services and Commercial Support from Jaspersoft

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Jaspersoft publishes the iReport Designer Ultimate Guide which explains a lot of the features of iReport Designer. This is the best option to learn how to master iReport Designer. The most current version covers all of the basics and most of the new features available in the 3.5.x up to 3.7.x series.

Official Manuals

iReport Ultimate Guide iReport Designer Ultimate Guide JasperReports Ultimate Guide JasperReports Ultimate Guide

Check out all the Documentation from Jaspersoft.

Other books about iReport Designer and JasperReports

iReport 3.7 iReport Designer 3.7 iReport Definitive Guide iReport Designer Definitive Guide JasperReports 3.5 for Java Developers JasperReports 3.5 for Java Developers

iReport Designer Podcast

Episode 1
An introduction to iReport Designer
How to create a connection
Episode 2
Creating a simple report
Episode 3
How to build iReport Designer from source
Episode 4
How to use the template chooser and create
new custom templates
Episode 5
Using Charts Pro with iReport Designer Professional


Other Video Tutorials

iReport Designer and TEIID

TEIID is part of JBoss. It's a data virtualization system that allows applications to use data from multiple, heterogenous data stores. This demo shows a single report created in iReport Designer accessing data in MySQL and Oracle.