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Video tutorials (iReport 3.5.x)

  • iReport and TEIID Teiid is part of JBoss. It's a data virtualization system that allows applications to use data from multiple, heterogenous data stores. This demo shows a single report created in iReport accessing data in MySQL and Oracle.

Community provided tutorials

Tutorials in Spanish provided by Alfonso Blanco Criado about iReport 3.0 (old version)

  1. Subinformes con iReport
  2. Gráficos con iReport
  3. Exportar PDF multiidioma con iReport
  4. Informes con código HTML
  5. Usar un DataSource XML para crear informes con iReport
  6. Informes con fuente de datos ODBC

Tutorial in Brazilian Portuguese provided by Flávio Araújo about iReports 3.5.0 and NetBeans 6.5