iReport 4.8.0 Release Notes

November 5, 2012

The iReport Designer Team is pleased to announce the new iReport Designer release: v4.8.0.

iReport Designer is available as standalone application and as NetBeans plugin for NetBeans IDE 6.5.x and later. This version includes several improvements and bug fixes.

New features

New features and changes:

  • Full support for JasperReports 4.8.0
  • Improved map component
  • Support for Mongo DB and Hadoop-Hive data sources in JasperReports Server plugin
  • Improved support for properties and layout information for sub-datasets
  • Minor bug fixes


Download iReport Designer from

The plugin is available on the NetBeans plugin center and on SourceForge

New features overview

This version on iReport Designer contains several bug fixes for errors found in the previous version.

Complete changelog

- Updated to JasperReports 4.7.8
- Updated iText jar to 2.7.1.js1
- Added support for relative dates
- Added support for expression functions
- Added support for language, map type, markers and other properties in Map component
- New compatibility support based on JasperReports new features
- Added layout options to subdataset groups to be leveraged in Table components
- Added support for properties at subdataset level
- Added support for VDS, MongoDB and Hadoop-Hive data sources to the JasperReports Server repository explorer
- Fixed bug Bug 28714 [Case #23402] ID and Name properties fields are blank on v4.7.0 if name is long
- Minor bug fixes