Installation steps with WAR File Binary Distribution

Installation using the WAR File Distribution

Please see the JasperServer Professional Installation Guide for the steps to install the WAR File Distribution for specific environment combinations.

Understanding the Installation Process

Jaspersoft has created a series of scripts to assist in the automation of installation and configuration of the WAR file and installation into the Application Server as well as the creation and initial population of the JasperServer repository. The installation consists primarily of the following steps:

  1. Unpack the WAR file Distribution Zip file. Keep the root path short, extract all files from the WAR Distribution Zip File Into a separate folder.
  2. Configuration of environment properties for use by the configuration and installation scripts
    1. DB Information
    2. Application Server Information
  3. Create Repository Database
  4. Initialize the Database objects
  5. Import initial repository information (default users, etc.)
  6. Deploy Web Application
  7. Install the License File
  8. Start the Server

Performing Installation Steps Manually

Note: This information is based on the 3.5.x installation package. The following is an example of some available scripts and steps that may help you should you need to separate installation responsibilities between a system administrator and a database administrator:

Example Buildomatic Steps Example Manual Steps
  1. Configure Buildomatic
  2. js-ant create-js-db (creates DB)
  3. js-ant init-js-db-pro (initialized repository Schema)
  4. js-ant import-minimal-pro (imports minimum users/permissions)
  • Create DB
  • <js-install>/buildomatic/install_resources/sql/oracle/pro-create.ddl  (create DB Tables, etc.)
  • <js-install>/buildomatic/install_resources/sql/oracle/profiler.ddl
  • <js-install>/buildomatic/install_resources/sql/oracle/quartz.ddl (creates Scheduler tables)
  • Configure Import/Export Utility (see Chapter 12 of the Installation Guide)
  • cd to <js-install>/scripts
  • --input-zip <js-install>/buildomatic/install_resources/export/ (imports the minimum users/permissions)


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