How to Set query limits on the "Ad Hoc Options" page

Setting query limits on the "Ad Hoc Options" page

This is an administrative web page available on JasperServer under "Manage -> Ad Hoc Options." There are two parameters there that are worth testing for possible performance gains:

  • Ad Hoc Filter List of Values Row Limit - The maximum number of items that should be displayed in the Condition Editor when a user defines filters for an Ad Hoc report that is based on a Domain. If this limit is exceeded when users define filters, Jasperserver displays a message to that effect. Setting this to a lower value can improve performance.
  • Ad Hoc Dataset Row Limit - The maximum number of rows that an Ad Hoc report can return. JasperServer truncates the data when the limit is reached. Setting this to a lower number may improve performance, but your reports may not reflect the full data set.


  1. The Ad Hoc options must be set after every restart of JasperServer. They are not preserved between restarts. See the slConfig bean in WEB-INF/applicationContext-semanticLayer.xml to set these permanently.
  2. The new query limits do not apply to reports that you saved before modifying the settings. To apply the new query limits to existing ad Hoc reports, open the reports for editing in the Ad Hoc Designer and save them again.


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