How to execute Oracle Stored Procedure in JasperSoft Studio 6.2.1

iReport is a product that is not updated or released anymore and JasperSoft Studio

is its current and constant replacement, because of this I would like to share

with you the information about how to execute Oracle Stored Procedure in JasperSoft Studio.

Preparation or Oracle part of the test environment:

Login as SYSTEM user and:

- unlock HR account (demo database),

- connect to the HR database and add a test stored procedure

  (copy and paste the text below to the window in the screenshot):

CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE emplist_proc(emp_cursor OUT sys_refcursor) IS
        OPEN emp_cursor
        FOR SELECT first_name,last_name,email
        FROM employees
        WHERE rownum < 10;

Please refer to the screenshot:

- check that the stored procedure works fine:

For the detailed steps concerning the Oracle part please refer to the community article:

JasperSoft Studio:

  • we need to create a Data Adapter


I was not able to make report work with Tibco driver

This driver returned an error (Studio, the v. 6.2.1) when I tried to read fields.

set the Oracle driver to oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver:

  • right click on the report name and select Dataset and Query

  • Read fields feature does not return a set of fields,

please check your Oracle database and add desired fields manually:

  • at this point we can check if our Stored Procedure works

and can retrieve values from Oracle Database

  • after this we can add our fields to the report

  • and finally run our report

Please find in the attachment to the article a jrxml sample of my test report.