How to enable or disable output formats (exporters) in JasperReports Server

You can remove exporters from visibility by modifying the following file: (your_installation)\jasperserver-pro\WEB-INF\flows\viewReportBeans.xml At the very bottom of this file, you will find the following section, which allows you to enable/disable exporters:

comment/uncomment any of the lines below if you want related exporters to be excluded/included in the viewer's exporters list.

<util:map id="exporterConfigMap"> <entry key="pdf" value-ref="pdfExporterConfiguration" />
    <entry key="xls" value-ref="xlsExporterConfiguration" />
    <entry key="csv" value-ref="csvExporterConfiguration" />
    <entry key="docx" value-ref="docxExporterConfiguration" />
    <entry key="rtf" value-ref="rtfExporterConfiguration" />
    <entry key="swf" value-ref="swfExporterConfiguration" />
    <entry key="odt" value-ref="odtExporterConfiguration" />
    <entry key="ods" value-ref="odsExporterConfiguration" />
    <entry key="xlsx" value-ref="xlsxExporterConfiguration" />
    <entry key="txt" value-ref="txtExporterConfiguration" />

Once you have commented or uncommented the exporters you want your users to see, restart your application server. Only the un-commented exporters should be visible.