How to Deploy and Use A Data Adapter in TIBCO JasperReports® Server v5.6

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  1. Create a data adapter in TIBCO Jaspersoft® Studio v5.6;

  2. Create a report using this data adapter;

  3. Test the report in the Jaspersoft® Studio to make sure it works;

  4. Export the data adapter;

  5. Deploy this data adapter into TIBCO JasperReports® Server repository as XML file;

  6. In Jaspersoft® Studio, add the following property to the report template:

    <property name="" value="repo:{path to the data adapter done in step 5}"/>

    Review data source properties to determine the repository path to the data adapter:

    User that information to set "repo:..." value:

  7. Test the modified report in the Jaspersoft® Studio to make sure it works;

  8. Use the modified report template to deploy the report unit into JasperReports® Server repository without a data source;

    <Using Version 6.3 and a CSV data adapter steps 9-11 were not needed>

  9. Download and extract identity.secrets_673.jar from the zip file and save it in deployed JRS WEB-INF\lib directory;

  10. Restart server;

  11. Test run the report in JasperReports® Server.

This approach has been tested on version 7.5 and it works. See updated WIKI article