Fake title and summary sections

UPDATE: since JR 3.6.1, there is the isSummaryWithPageHeaderAndFooter attribute available at report level.

The title and the summary are special report sections that are not accompanied by the page header and footer on the pages that they occupy. This is more obvious when the title or the summary overflows.

Sometimes is useful to have a title section that starts after the page header on the first page or a summary section that gets accompanied by the page header and footer on all the pages that it overflows to.

This can be achieved by introducing fake title and summary sections.

A fake title can be the group header section of a report group that breaks only once per report. Such a dummy group would have an empty group expression. Its header will get printed only once at the beginning of the report.

The fake summary can be introduced also by using the footer section of such a dummy group with an empty group expression.