Embedded BI Developer Center


Getting Started

eBook: The 5 Levels of Embedded BI

Learn the different levels of capability you can integrate inside your application with this quick reference guide.


Download JasperReports Server, Jaspersoft iReport, and Jaspersoft Studio.

White Paper: Embedded BI In Action

Determine the best embedded BI approach for your application, techniques and best practices for Embedding BI.


Full library of product documentation to install, configure and use Jaspersoft.

eWorkbook: The Embedded BI Planning Guide

This step-by-step guide helps you plan your Embedded BI project with helpful worksheets, tips, and definitions. 

Getting Started with Visualize.js

With Visualize.js, developers can embed interactive HTML5 visualizations, dashboards or multi-element reports using standard JavaScript. 

The Jaspersoft Embedding Guide

This guide explains how to enable the Five Levels of Embedded BI using Jaspersoft.

Visuaize.js Tutorials

View these short videos for help on getting started with visualize.js

REST API Resources

Security / SSO Integration

REST Getting Started Guide

Quickly learn the features and capabilities of the Jaspersoft REST based API

SSO Integration

Integrate your existing identity management system such as LDAP, CAS, and more with Jaspersoft

PHP Getting Started Guide

Learn how to access your PHP application to Jaspersoft through the JasperReports PHP Client wrapper

Spring Security Resource Guide

JasperReports Server leverages Spring Security. This page provides useful information about the security framework.


SSO Integration with LDAP

Overview of integrating LDAP with JasperReports Server to enable SSO for your application

HTTP/iFrame Resources

Tutorials & Videos

Tip: Hide Toolbar Tutorial

Quickly hide the JasperReports Server toolbar with this easy tip

Integrating Jaspersoft with Portals

Integrate Jaspersoft with Portals such as Liferay, iFrame, and JSR168

Tip: Adding Custom Decorators

This tutorial explains how to add custom decorators to your JasperReports Server implementation that depend on URL parameters 

JasperReports Library Tips & Tricks

Learn from Teodor Danciu, the founder of JasperReports, on various topics such as advanced Excel export options, data snap shots, and more.

Tip: Setting a UI Theme by URL

This tutorial explains how to set a JasperReports Server UI theme using a URL

Jaspersoft Themes Tutorial 

Learn how a few changes in CSS can change the look of the application completely

HTTP API using iFrames Tutorial

This video overview describes how to use the Jaspersoft HTTP API with iFrames for integrating JasperReports Server

Ins and Outs of Jaspersoft's Metadata Layer (Domains)

Learn about Domains, how to setup, tips and tricks and everything in between in this 60 min tutorial