Downloading and Installing Database Drivers

Jaspersoft is designed for direct reporting and analysis of numerous data sources. In some cases you will need to install database drivers for in order to connect to your source data.

If you do not have access to a JDBC database driver, you can download from the following locations:

Data Source Download Location
Microsoft SQL Server
Oracle RDBMS

Installing with JaserReports Server (JRS)

Via the Create Data Source Web UI:

  1. The desired JDBC driver must be copied to the local file system from where the browser is run.
  2. Create a new Data source from the JRS web UI.
  3. From the JDBC Driver drop-list, select the desired driver that is shown as NOT INSTALLED. The Add Driver... button appears.
  4. Select the Add Driver... button. The Select Driver dialog appears.
  5. Select the Browse... button.
  6. Locate and select the file.
  7. Select the Upload button.

You should then be able to provide the relevant connection informaton and use the Test Connection button to verify connectivity.

For more information, refer to Chapter 4 of the JasperReports-Server-Admin-Guide.



Hi, is jasperreport server supports Apache Jena ( ? Thank you

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