Dashboard Drill down

How to have a drill down on a Adhoc chart  in dashboard that will open the table report in new tab with Parameters.

  1. Click on create Dashboard and add a Adhoc chart .

  2. It will open up the Adhoc view editor and then choose a data source for the chart.

  3. Below screenshot shows sample from Emplyee report with City as filter

  4. Save the Adhoc chart and return to Dashboard. This will add chart as dashlet

  5. Prepare a table report taking parameter  as City. In this example I have used Sample report Accounts.

  6. Click on Map Parameters and map the parameters as shown below.

  7. Right click on chart dashlet and click on properties and then to Hyperlink Tab.

  8. Tick mark on "Enable Hyperlinks:" and choose 'Open new page' from Action option.

  9. Click on browse and choose table report saved earlier.

  10. After choosing the report add Parameter at the end like below:

  11. Click Ok and now run the dashboard and click on the bar chart. This should open table report in new tab with specified parameter value from Dashboard.


How can this be modified to multiple columns chart? I have an adhoc view chart that shows totals by company and want to link every column company to another report that takes this column as a parameter.

In step 10 it says add parameter at the end "like below" -- but the image doesn't show anything and that's the part I'm trying to figure out.  I can get it to open the other report, but it doesn't pass a parameter.