Connecting iReport to a Pervasive Datasource

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The following are steps that can be followed to set up a data source within iReport v3.5 to connect to a Pervasive PSQL v10 database:

Note:These instructions will work for iReport version 3.1 and greater.

  1. Download the 3 jar files from the Pervasive JDBC Driver Download (jpscs.jar, pvjdbc2.jar, and pvjdbc2x.jar)
  2. in iReport, go to the following menu Window =>Services
  3. Expand the Database tree that shows in the Services window and right-click on the Drivers folder and select "New Driver..."

  4. Add the 3 jar files; click Find to find the Driver Class - 2 may be available, select the v2 Driver (com.pervasive.jdbc.v2.Driver); Give it a name i.e. "pervasive" and click OK
  5. Right Click on the new "pervasive" driver that appears in the Services window and selected "Connect Using..."
  6. Set up the database connection - as an example, you might use "jdbc:pervasive://localhost:1583/DEMODATA", your username and password - and click ok
  7. Add a new datasource using the NetBeans Database JDBC connection - the new connection defined should be in the dropdown
  8. Open the report wizard and you are on your way....

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