Connecting iReport to an Oracle Datasource

The following are steps that can be followed to set up a data source within iReport to connect to an Oracle database:

Note:These instructions will work for iReport version 3.1 and greater.

  1. Download the JDBC driver (ojdbc-[your version].jar) from Oracle @
  2. in iReport, go to the following menu Window =>Services
  3. Expand the Database tree that shows in the Services window and right-click on the Drivers folder and select "New Driver..."
  4. Add the jar file; Give it a name i.e. "Oracle Thin" and click OK
  5. Right Click on the new "Oracle Thin" driver that appears in the Services window and selected "Connect Using..."
  6. Set up the database connection - as an example, you might use "jdbc:oracle:thin:@remotehost:1521:orcl", your username and password - and click ok
  7. Add a new datasource using the NetBeans Database JDBC connection - the new connection defined should be in the dropdown
  8. Open the report wizard and you are on your way....


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