Comparison of Report Virtualizers

The goal of this article is to provide some guidance around what virtualizer might make the most sense for you Jaspersoft implementation.

Things to consider

To determine what is the "best" virtualizer to use for JasperServer and your individual situation, you should consider:

  • How many simultaneous reports are going to be run?
  • How large are they (# of pages)? Are they graphics heavy?
  • Are the users using the browser to page through reports?

GZip Virtualizer

If the number of simultaneous pages is low, then you can try the GZip virtualizer, which should be faster than the file based virtualizers as it is an in-memory virtualizer rather than writing to disk. The Downside is that if you suddenly have a spike in traffic/usage, you could run out of memory with this virtualizer.

File Based Virtualizers

The use of any of the file based virtualizers essentially helps to avoid out of memory conditions when generating non-ad hoc reports.

The File virtualizer creates a file per page, so you get a lot of files in the one directory - this virtualizer is configured by default in JasperServer. This could be slower than the Swap File virtualizer which keeps everything in one file depending on you system I/O, etc. Testing in your environment is the only way to get a reasonable comparison.

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