Autonomous REST Connector TIBCO Jaspersoft® Studio:

See this for applicable versions and further info:

Prerequisite: Download TIBCO Jaspersoft® Connectors Software from TIBCO’s eDelivery website.


Open Jaspersoft Studio and create a new Data Adapter:

Give some arbitrary name to the connection: 'Autonomous REST Connector-Data Adapter'

In the JDBC Driver Section, use the following class name:


Add the TIautorest-6.x to the Driver Classpath as shown below:

Just to keep this KBA simple and clean, I created a REST endpoint that returns the countries and states data as shown in below screenshot:

The next step would be to build the REST file syntax.

I have used a very simple country extraction from the REST point. This can get complex, Please refer to progress documentation for more advanced use cases. Here is the link to the documentation

Here are the contents of my REST file:

{"countries" :
                 "#path"   : "http://localhost:90/response.json countries",
                 "country" : {
                               "#type".   : "VarChar(20)",
                               "#virtual" : true,
                               "#eq".     : "Country"

Save the file to the computer disk and now, you can reference this in the JDBC connection string URL:


Also note: The driver is using no authentication. The driver does support Basic, HTTP header, URL, OAuth 2.0 and custom authentication. Please refer to progress documentation for more information.

Finally, The Data Adapter will be as shown below:

If everything is configured properly and when you click on “Test” you should see a “Successful” message.

After this the steps are the same, you would create a jrxml file and read the contents from the source in this case it’s the REST end point using the Progress Autonomous connector.

Note: We strongly recommend customers using this Autonomous REST Connector as this is officially supported by TIBCO Jaspersoft. Whereas the Web Service data source is a community only project and it not officially supported by TIBCO Jaspersoft.