[#9766] - visualize.js functionality for embedding report not working in cordova app

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I'm embedding a simple server report in UI using Jaspersoft's javascript API visualize.js script. For the web view I'm facing no issues.

Now for the same code, on running as cordova hybrid app seeing this error being thrown from visualize.js code:-

TypeError: null is not an object (evaluating 't')

I have attached the exception stacktrace image.

As mentioned on Jaspersoft website I'm injecting the visualize.js library into my webpage using a script tag and an empty div tag with id "container". After which I have added the authentication code and the 'v' object which is my logged in instance within jaspersoft report server. These steps are as per the usage guide on jaspersoft community website. Also, there is no issue in the web view and the graph gets displayed as expected which confirms the fact that there is no problem with the code.

Does visualize.js even support rendering visualization reports on client for cordova hybrid apps? If yes, why this error?
Can you please help us resolve this issue?

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As shown in image attached in comment 1, there is no issue with web view. The exception (shown in stack-trace image) occurs when running the same project files for cordova hybrid app.