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  • Cannot save wrong local extension

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    After connecting to repository and editing report I cannot save.


    The reason seems to be because the file saved locally to the workspace is missing the .jrxml extension.


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    Use case for the similar problem happening on my end.1. Create a new project for JasperReports Samples by using File> New > Project... > JasperReports Samples2. Create new report by Right click on project JasperReportsSamples > New > Jasper Report a. Select 'Cherry'. Click Next. b. Select 'JasperReportsSamples' project. Click Next. c. Select 'SampleDB' from list of Data Adapters. Enter following in the query designer text and click Next. Select * from Address d. Select all dataset fields by clicking on >> button. Click Next e. Select field 'City' and click on > button. Click Next f. Click Finish. g. Close the newly created report.3. Locate the newly created Report in Project Explorer and rename it by a. Right click on the report name. Click Rename. Remove the extension .jrxml from the Resource name and enter 'main_jrxml' as the new name. Click OK. b. Report is now renamed from 'Cherry.jrxml' to 'main_jrxml'4. Open the renamed report by: a. Right Click > Open with > Other... > Select JasperReports Designer from Internal Editors. Check the checkbox 'Use this editor for all 'main_jrxml' files. Click OK5. Change the Query to following by either switching to Source tab and edit the query, or use DataSet and Query editor dialog button at the top. Select * from Address WHERE City='Oslo'6. Preview the report. Report is displayed correctly.7. Save the report using Ctrl+S or Save toolbar button or File > Save. Report should be saved and Save button should turn disabled. However, Save button in toolbar is still enabled and dirty editor icon (*) hasn't disappeared.8. No matter how many times you try to use the Save function, report is not saved and no error is thrown or reported in the Error Log.9. Close the editor to get a Save Resource dialog box. Click Yes to save changes.10. Repeat Step 4 to open the report again to find that recent changes were not saved despite of several attempts to save the report in local workspace.
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