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  • 6.3.1: Bug Reporter in Studio not working

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    Can enter details in the first Community issues details step of the wizard.


    Blank "Issues details inclusion" and "Community user authentication" steps. Only Back, Next, Finish, Cancel navigation buttons shown.

    Can't Finish (submit) the issue - of course due to lack of authentication entered.



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    Hmm - I left the Bug Reporter dialog up in Studio for a while - over 1/2 hour - on the final step. I came back and all the steps of the wizard now appeared!


    I then cancelled and started the dialog again, and it went back to the original behavior of the 2nd and third steps being blank.


    So I left it and this happened:


    opened bug dialog at 1:47pm

    2nd and 3rd steps blank at initially and at 1:51pm - 4 mins later

    left it alone

    2nd and 3rd steps visible and active at 2:22pm


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    Changed Resolution from Open to Unable to Reproduce

    Changed Status from New to Closed

    Hi,I tried to submit a bug using a JSS 6.3.0 PRO and I had no kind of problem. It is not clear from your messages where you blanked and what. As far as I could verify you can not finish the wizard if you do not enter credentials.Next time in case of issue, if possible attach the error log and register a screencast with the supposed operations that are taking so much time.By the way most of the bugs opened on the tracker related to the Bug Reporting dialog were related to API changes on the server side that were creating issues on the JSS side as well. So something we could not actually control.Regards,Massimo.
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    Changed Resolution from Unable to Reproduce to Open

    Changed Status from Closed to Confirmed

    The bug screens themselves were blank. See attached
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    Changed Resolution from Open to Fixed

    Changed Status from Confirmed to Resolved

    I saw from your screenshots that Windows was used while I was using Mac OS X. Next time please attach also the logs or describe the platform used.Anyhow this is a screencast of a Windows installation with the last builds: https://www.screencast.com/t/jDMwZzMp0hNo problem here. It could be some kind of UI problem depending on the screen resolution or default window size. Did you try to resize the dialog?Anyhow, closing the bug.Regards,Massimo.
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