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  • Expression editor lists show only one value

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    When I use the expression editor, the problem from the print screen happens.

    The fields list, as well as the methods list on the right all repeat the same value. Double clicking on them, however, will add into the expression the correct underlying value. This happens both for fields, parameters and variables (and possibly any option I select on the leftmost list). This print was taken from a new blank report I just created to show this problem, it happens on any report I try to edit.


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    Hi this is for sure a UI issue happening on Linux.Please specify the correct version of the OS you are using. Also attach an error log, it could be that some exceptions was traced.Anyhow give it a try using the plug-in version inside one of the recent Eclipse Neon (i.e 4.6.3). Some issues were solves in terms of interoperability among SWT/GTK.As last resort try to use "export SWT_GTK3=0" in the terminal before running Jaspersoft Studio. It might help mitigate the issue.I was not able to verify with the last version (development stream) into Ubuntu 16. I will close the bug, feel free to re-open after trying the suggested operations and eventually attaching logs and additional details.Regards,Massimo.
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