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  • JasperSoft Studio custom update-sites for own plugins

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    Hi all,


    we are moving our old iReport 5.5.1 Plugin to the new JasperSoft Studio 6.3.0


    So we start coding a new eclipse plugin to connect to our ERP-System to provide connectivity between designer and ERP-System.


    As we want to use our ERP-Server responsible for plugin updates, we add a new updatesite to a local URL (eg. within the network.


    But after a restart of the whole Jaspersoft Studio all custom update-sites are removed - of course just the JasperSoft's own is the only available site.

    (com.jaspersoft.studio.rcp.product -> http://jasperstudio.sf.net/jssproductrepo_E4_CE/)


    So why all custom added sites are removed or what is the correct way to register a custom made JasperSoft Studio plugin with his own update-site???


    regards from rainy Dresden/Germany


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    Hi,I tried to add a plug-in update site. Installed it, after the restart the plugin site was still there and marked as "enabled" in the Install/Update > Available Software Sites preference page.Please verify that your update site is correctly added and marked as enabled.Regards,Massimo.
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