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  • View could not be opened: org.eclipse.egit.ui.StagingView

    CategoryBug report
    ResolutionUnable to Reproduce
    Whenever i add an view (Window => Show => Other => pick "Git Staging" for example): "View could not be opened: org.eclipse.egit.ui.StagingView". But the view does open + works without a problem. Restart of JS Studio does not fix the problem.

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    I do have the problem when i open the view of git staging + project explorer + outline. With git repositories, no error happens.


    Normally i do have open project explorer+outline+palette+history+report state. git repositories was at least one time open to add my local git repo, i was about to start using the JS Studio internal git staging view.

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    Changed Resolution from Open to Unable to Reproduce

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    I tested in the stream development and in the next standalone version that will be released. The problem seems to be disappeared. Maybe it was already fixed in the past.Regards,Massimo.
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