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  • No Puedo Personalizar el Tamaño de los Reportes

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    Al momento de crear un reporte los templates estan predeterminados y no permiten definir un tamaño de hoja... necesito diseñar una factura para una impresora terminar el cual maneja un tamaño de papel de 58mm y el Jaspersoft no me permite escoger este tamaño en ninguna de las opciones que muestra en el asistente

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    Hithank you very much for your answers to my previous petition could solve the problem of the size of the report.In this new opportunity I want to hopefully help me with another problem that I have ...When defining size and throw long to report the bill in detail, I Invoice generates several times more detail to be the specified size.Is there any way to give a report a minimum and a maximum size to make it more dynamic size? ... Or can you tell that a report is enlarged detail according to the number of records that have?Thank you very much for your collaboration.
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    Hello friends, I hope you are well ...My question is this:In iReport, I need to define the size of paper or page to HALF LETTER (1/2 Letter), which of the options is appropriate, since by measurements (215 mm x 140 mm) NOT AVAILABLE.Thank you in advance for your help.Ramon Clementerclp5@hotmail.com
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    Closing. Please do not re-use old bugs to post your request for information or questions.For something that is not a real bug use the Answers section in the community site.Regards,Massimo.
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