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  • Compilation error in MultiPageToolbarEditorPart with eclipse 4.2

    Assigned User Massimo Rabbi
    CategoryBug report

    There is a compilation error in the class MultiPageToolbarEditorPart. The call to the method getPane() from PartSite cannot be resolved, as the method does not exist in PartSite. Maybe this method from PartSite can be used: getPartReference().


    The JasperSoft Studio sources (containing the error) were downloaded on 26.07.2012.

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    Hi, at the moment there is no official support for the latest Eclipse Juno 4.2 version.

    We are starting these days to plan how to extend compatibility to Eclipse 4.2.


    I'll keep you posted, updating this issue and the forum.

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    Changed Resolution from Open to Fixed

    Changed Status from Confirmed to Resolved

    Fixed. For now we chose to try (try-catch block) to close the editor in the dispose method of the IDisposable instance.
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