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  • Lable on Chart Props changed - misleading now

    Assigned User Massimo Rabbi
    CategoryBug report
    The Filter Expression label now reads "Increment Expression" on the Dataset tab of an HTML5 chart properties window. This is misleading and changed in 6.1 (verified the old label still exists in 6.0). The documentation references the old label plus, the new one doesn't make sense.

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    The label used in this shared panel (among different UI dialogs/wizards) will be changed to "Increment When Expression". This in order to be more coherent to the related JasperReports information saved at JRXML level. Having "Filter Expression" was a kind of "typo", already coming from iReport. It was probably used at the beginning because this kind of information can be seen as a sort of filtering mechanism.Regards,Massimo.P.S: we will notify PUBS to update documentation about it.
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