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    Assigned User chicuslavic
    CategoryBug report
    ResolutionNo Change Required

    If I wan't to publish a report to the JRS the new dialog shows me all used resources (subreport, images, translation).

    In this dialog I can decide as well, if the resouce is ignored or overwritten, ...


    In case of overwriting the local resource is uploaded. That is working fine all the time.



    If the resource is not in the same folder as the report. The replacement of the Expression (which is also shown in a extra column) doesn't work.



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    Hi,can you please register a screencast of the operation you are performing? You can use a software like Jing.Which version of JRS are you using?Are any errors prompted when the supposed operation is not completing (check also error log)?Regards,Massimo.
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    What exactly do you mean by "doesn't work". You need to be more specific - e.g. "aren't updated".


    Some corrections:

    "If I wan't to publish a report to the JRS" -> "If I want to republish a report to the JRS"

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    Changed Resolution from Open to No Change Required

    Changed Status from Feedback Requested to Closed

    Changed Assigned User from - to @chicuslavic

    It's not clear what is not working. This bug is old, I'll close it. If you still have it on the last version, please reopen and make yourself clear.
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