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  • Missing groups in Variable - Table Properties

    Assigned User chicuslavic
    CategoryBug report

    When I create a Table, and Its corresponding subDataset to sumarize some rows, I could'not choose any group I have created, the combos don't populate my groups, and when I chose it manually at closing the screen, the values of the group are substituted by a null value.


    But when I edit this info in the source view the report works perfectly.

    Attachments: issueDetails.zip

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    Can you specify on which property the combo of the groups is not populated and on which element? Because the table element populate the gorup using the not the dataset of the table itself but the dataset of an upper level. Instead the elements inside the table should use the dataset connected to the table. I was not able to reproduce your problem, can you share a report where you have the problem?
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