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  • JSS unable to delete Group (Header)

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    It is impossible to remove a Group or a Group Header by right-clicking on the Group Header in the Outline.


    The issues in the Outline:

    - Often, right clicking is not possible on the Header.

    - Often, the GUI shows badly drawn "selected" row when selecting group header

    - Initially, "Delete [band]" and "Delete Group" is not in the context menu.

    - If you have right-clicked the Group Footer, the "Delete [band]" and "Delete Group" options appear in the Header context menu.

    - Deleting from the context menu (neither the band nor group) is not possible on the Header

    - Pressing the Delete key on the keyboard does allow you to delete the header band


    Mac OS 10.10.3 JSS 5.6.2


    Kind regards,

    Maarten @ Yesplan


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    Hi I was able to verify the issue in the old 5.6.2 version. Anyhow the development stream and last 6.0.4 appear to be working fine.Closing.Regards,Massimo.
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