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  • Poor performance when Data about millions

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    I have data about millions in my database. But i found jss put all data in a ArrayList without any persistence technology or performance enhancement.


    So, Memory exhausted soon,and JSS is dead..... :( :( :(





    Source Code:


    package net.sf.jasperreports.engine;


    public class JasperPrint implements Serializable, JRPropertiesHolder





    private List pages = Collections.synchronizedList(new ArrayList());




    public synchronized void addPage(JRPrintPage page)


    anchorIndexes = null;





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    maybe you should try using virtualizers, look in Preferences->Jaspersoft Studio->Report Executionyou can read more about Jasperreports library and virtualizers, in the Jasper Reports Library Users Guide
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    JSS 5.6.0 x64

    JSS 6.0.4 x64


    1、I enable File Virtualizer in Preferences->JSS->Report Execution, but it does not work.

    2、Single Swap File Virtualizer does not delete temp file when JSS exit, even though I do check "Delete Temp File On Exit".


    I look into source code,and I found some problem with "/com.jaspersoft.studio/src/com/jaspersoft/studio/preferences/execution/VirtualizerHelper.java".


    VirtualizerHelper can not get ReportExecutionPreferencePage.JSS_VIRTUALIZER_TYPE from jContext when File Virtualizer enabled.


    waiting for reply online.........

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    fixed problem 1.for problem 2. this parameter is working only for File Virtualizer, so I disabled it for all others, there is one more problem, this parameter is set on global level in jr, and it's not refactored to use context, so we can't set this parameter on project or file levels, I asked jr team to refactor this
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