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  • frame or rectangle in de background does not print correct.

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    ResolutionWorks as Designed

    I have created a simple A4 report with 0 margin. i want to print a frame with 1 mm from the edage of paper. so i have added a frame with 2 mm smaller then the report from both side height and width.

    when i preview i see whole frame but when i print the report i see left side of frame is not printed.

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    As print you mean the export in some format or physically print the report on paper? Because as you said the preview is correct, but also if I export the report in PDF I get the correct output. I've tried to do File -> Print and also here i see the recangle even if it size dosen't fill the page, but is smaller. However instead of File-> Print is more correct to export in pdf and print that file, since in this case JasperReports will use it's own exporter.Also notice that when you use a measure in something differents from pixels then the value in the end is alwasy rounded to pixels, since JasperReports was designed to be pixel perfect with a standard resolution of 72ppi.
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