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  • Table Header grouping not working

    Assigned User morlandin
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    Component: 9106
    ResolutionUnable to Reproduce

    Table component feature (Grouping of columns)in Jaspersoft studio 5.6 is not working in the same way as it was working in ireport4.0.

    In ireport 4.0 we were able to group the columns under Table Header tab as follows

    1. Select the columns. Right click -> Group Columns

    2. Now After Grouping you will get something like Column1(Empty Group Header)

    3. now right click on Column1(Empty Group Header)and "Add Cell"

    4. Now to the added Cel you can dd a text filed and specify the Table Header


    In JasperSoft 5.0 after grouping the columns, I am not able to add a Cell.


    So how can I give a Table header which would span all the columns in the table as I was able to specify in ireport 4.0

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    Changed Assigned User from - to @morlandin

    Can you try with the last version of studio (6.0.3) with a new workspace. However also in JSS 5.6 i'm not able to reproduce. I've followed all your step and after creating the group with a right click i see the option "create cell" to create the group cell. Can you share your report and your error log?
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    Strange, the option should be under ungroup columns. Please try firt with the last version of JSS since this could be already fixed. It the bug is still present please attach your report and the error log so we can debug the problem.
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    I have the same problem. When trying to add a cell to a group of cells in the table footer, the option to add a cell to the group is not offered. Did the latest version of JSS solve the issue for you?
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    Changed Resolution from Open to Unable to Reproduce

    Changed Status from Feedback Requested to Closed

    Since the bug seems limited to the 5.6 i will close this for now.
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