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  • JSS Library compatibility should include last version explicitly also

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    In the settings you can set the version you want the jrxml to be compatible with.


    However, you cannot select the latest version in a fixed manner. If I do, when updating JSS, the version automatically changes too.


    In JSS 5.6.2 the options are:

    Last version (5.6.1) <- This one is WRONG, it's not 5.61, it _currently_ 5.6.1 but it's version is NOT GUARANTEED. Unlike the options that follow.

    JR 5.5.1 <- these are fixed.

    JR 5.5.0

    JR 5.2.2



    While the options should be:

    Last version (5.6.1)

    JR 5.6.1 <- add this one.

    JR 5.5.1

    JR 5.5.0

    JR 5.2.2



    Kind regards,

    Maarten @ Yesplan


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    after a long debate, I renamed Last version (5.6.1) to "Always use current" that means JSS will save jrxml in the current version, next option is JasperReports 5.6.1 (Latest) this is the last fixed versionI hope is more clear like this
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