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  • Can not open JSS CE when there is a Pro component if default report

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    If I have JSS CE version and Pro version on the same machine using the same workspace, JSS CE errors when starting up if the report containing Pro component is left open from Pro version


    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Have JSS CE version and Pro version using the same workspace.

    2. Use Pro version to create a report with Map Pro component

    3. Save the report and close JSS Pro version leaving the report open.

    4. Open JSS CE version.

    5. JSS CE errors out and terminates because it can not access Map Pro component.


    It would be better if JSS CE shows an error messages and closes the report with Map Pro component.


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    JSS should already behave as you suggest, it should provide an error saing that the report could not be opened and showing only the source xml, and then allow you to close it or do anything else. Which version of JSS are you using and on which operative system?
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    I'm using the latest 6.0.1. I've found this problem while I'm creating a Japanese Pro version and Japanese CE version on my pc. Tested with the original English version too.BTW, Japanese 6.0.1 CE version is available at the following page:http://bi.lakeel.com/usersupport/downloads/index.html
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    Lets consider only the english version because the lakeel version could have some changes to the code that we can't check. However no one here is able to reproduce the bug. I don't think that it is due to a component problem, but maybe it is a configuration problem. Can you send me all your workspace? or at least the log (it is in the following path your_workspace\.metadata\.log)?
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    Changed Assigned User from @anonymous to @chicuslavic

    right now, we use jr to read a jrxml, if a component is missing jr throws an exceptionsolution: maybe jr should have an empty component, that will be used for components that are missing, so jr can read the model without throwing the error, in JSS we could show that error has some problems (missing components)
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    Hi, we put this on our TODO list, but for now it's in very low priority.The task involves both JR and JSS teams because it requires modifications on the two projects.We will see how to address it.Regards,Massimo.
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