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  • JSS does not allow property expressions to be edited

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    When you have set a property (of an expression field) as "Use an expression" and you've set the expression, you can no longer change the expression. Even worse, if you try, you get an empty (thus deleted) expression field.


    Problem has 2 sides:

    - When you've set the property to "Use an expression", JSS does not remember this choice and shows an empty text-box.

    - When you reselect the "Use an expression", you are presented with an empty expression-box.


    Reproducible since JSS 5.5 and later. Did not check earlier versions.


    Kind regards,

    Maarten @ Yesplan


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    I've fixed the bug, however when you edit the value it will came always with the "use expression" flag disabled. The use value\use expression it is only interface stuff, but the value is saved the same way isndie the jrxml. But now the expression and text field are synchronized so you will not loose your text when switching from one to another
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