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  • JSS 6 all previews result in a NullPointerException

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    Since the JSS 6 we can no longer run previews. Wether or not it's an issue I need to fix in the report (doubtful, these are all reports that work fine in 5.6.2).


    We do have a custom provider class and library that we use.


    With a simple "One empty record" report, there does not appear to be an issue.


    ### Update ###


    Initially, JSS works just fine as intended. This occurs after a while and then becomes persistent. This feels quite similar to the bug in JSS 6.0.0 where the whole app just stops loading workbench after a few uses.



    Start Report Execution

    Compiling report......DONE

    Setting Data Adapter...DONE

    Setting Virtualizer...DONE

    Filling Report........ERROR

    Report Execution Finished.



    Kind regards,

    Maarten @ Yesplan

    Attachments: console.txt

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    It might not actually use/save the "Data Adapter" I gave it. As mentioned we use a custom provider class. But when I switch between JSS 6.0.1 and JSS 5.6.2, it disappears.
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