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  • group headers won't repeat on every page if page header is deleted

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    I have a report with all "page header" type information in the primary group header. The primary group header had "Start New Page" and "Reprint Header On Each Page" checked. I deleted unused sections including the unused Page Header. I tried for quite some time to figure out why page 2 of the 3 page preview did not have a header. Finally stumbled on putting the unused Page Header back and presto, the headers repeated properly.

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    It seems that solution was flaky, the headers either appear or don't fairly randomly and I just had them appearing on all three pages for a bit. The headers "randomness" is stable for each report design, and if you change something then you get a new set of random appearing headers. I compared my report to a previous commit and I found the layout for that group header was VerticalRowLayout (even though the report design itself was FreeLayout - a discrepancy probably caused by a bug in the UNDO command). I removed this property (defaulting back to FreeLayout), and I am no longer able to reproduce this issue.
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    Hi, property like this related to layout make sense only in Jaspersoft Studio. They are not considered by JasperReports. In JSS they are used in order to compute dimensions (and positions) of the element when they are created into a band or a frame for example. But what is considered by JasperReports when producing the report is the x,y,w,h information of the element itself.Please try to reproduce (if possible) the bad behavior with all the steps. Even better if you can attach a screencast or at least the faulty JRXML. In the meanwhile I will close the bug. Feel free to re-open it with the updated information.Moreover if you can reproduce the bad UNDO/REDO behavior, please open a new dedicated bug for it.Thanks in advance.Regards,Massimo.
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