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  • JSS Cached drawing of fields visible after delete of that field

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    I removed field in a frame and replaced it with a list. However, the textfield remains drawn on the report and the listview is drawn over it. This is quite unworkable.


    Before, sometimes when you changed the content/layout of a list view and went back to the main report, the drawing of the new content of the list was drawn on top of the previous drawing of the list layout.


    This has been present in JSS for a while, but it was very minor and reset itself after a while or after restarting JSS. Now it blocks me from working and is persistent after restart.


    Maybe put into overdrive by: http://community.jaspersoft.com/jaspersoft-studio/issues/3839


    Kind regards,

    Maarten @ Yesplan


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    My mistake.
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