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  • Complex SQL shows error in SQL editor

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    I am using the latest Jaspersoft 5.6.0 studio. I have reports with complex

    queries involving function calls joins with + symbol etc.


    So when I am putting such queries in the query editor dialog it shows errors.(These queries are already tested and works correctly)

    The Language selected is SQL. I tried setting the language as PL/SQL also.

    But still it gives errors. Earlier I was working with ireport 4.0 and the

    same queries used to work fine.


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    Just ignore the error and save your report. It should execute OK. I think there was a clause in the manual about query editor showing error in complex queries because Studio can't syntax check all possibilities.
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    The SQL editor is not a complex editor for all kind of SQL dialects. For that kind of tasks there are many softwares out there. It is meant to help users in writing SQL queries that are supposed to be used in their report.Like Hozawa said, it's possible that complex queries might not be fully recognized. But you can save them anyway. Same as for the Expression Editor. In the last months we worked in enhancing the support to different user requests in order to make it more complete as possible.If you provide an example of the query that is giving you the error, we can take a look and see if the modifications to the current grammar is possible.Please provide also information about which is the target DBMS (i.e. Oracle, MySQL, Postgres).Regards,Massimo.
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    I added some syntax support for oracle analytical functions and (+) operator in version 6.0


    however we do not support all SQL dialects and don't validate the query against the database, it's just a basic sql select

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