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    I am looking for an basic alert function in jasper studio which I couldn't able to find, Can you please add this feature so that it helps so many people who uses Jasper as a reporting tool,


    For example I have a cross tab report for which the date range is selected and if the date is today's date and is in the date range selected it should be highlighted, I think there is no functionality to do this in jasper as there is no alerts option available,Only way I can do is instead of one cross tab report I need to create three cross tab reports one would be less than current date and one would be greater than current date, but again this is so complex for a simple solution. So I feel if an alert is in place I can do this in couple of clicks.


    By the way I am using version 5.5 non commercial jasper soft

    Thanks for reading this




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    Hi,I'm not sure to have completely understood your use case. Anyhow this is not an enhancement request that should be opened to the JSS project. Try to open an enhancement request to the JR project for a possible "Alerter component" as you called it. Regards,Massimo.
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