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  • JSS ERROR when switching dataset of a list with paramater

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    When I change a dataset of a list but the dataset I changed to does not have a paramater that I've set and mapped in the first dataset, JSS will throw a big ERROR when I open that file after closing.


    JSS becomes UNUSABLE untill I fix it in iReport or an XML editor.



    2 datasets. 1st with a paramater added. 2nd with no paramaters added.

    1 list with 1st dataset. On the list hit the Paramaters button and map the Paramater of the 1st dataset to a value.

    Save file.

    Change the dataset of the list to the 2nd.

    Save file and Quit JSS

    Open JSS -> Error.


    Kind regards,

    Maarten @ yesplan

    Attachments: issueDetails.zip

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    Addition: This gets triggered whenever you paste an element from another report and contains references to that old report. Which is VERY common.Also:- Frames with the paramater "printWhenGroupChanges=" when that referenced group does not exist in the current report.
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    Hi Maarteen,the same behavior occurs in iReport if you try to load the report in there.The problem is that we get the exception from JR when trying to load the JRXML file into a JasperDesign instance.Not sure if there is something that can be done at JR level to overcome this.I will point the JR team to this bug.Regards,Massimo.
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    I removed the dataset parameter validation that was performed during JRXML loading. The validation was there originally because we needed the parameter type, but that's no longer the case.


    The changes have been checked into the JR SVN trunk at revision 7137.




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    File the style problem as a separate issue.Closing this as the dataset parameter issue should be fixed.
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